Leadership + Committee Roster


Executive Team

Nani Sadora and Toni Ishimoto

Board of Directors

HIS Directors

Sean Ahearn
Clifton Kukino
Hannah Sirois

KBR Committee Chairpersons

Missy Guffin

Chair (PR/Communications/YPN)


Short Term Vacation Rentals

Suzy Gillette

Chair (Grievance)

Brady Beyers

Chair (Professional Standards & Arbitration)

Preston Brede

Chair (Education/Professional Development)

Teresa Daher

Chair (Property Management Committee)

Heidi Schemp

Chair (Government Affairs)

Milo Spindt

(Executive Committee)

Jason Haynes

(Finance Committee)

Jenai Hart

(Nominating Committee)

Donna Rice & Shannon Juliano


Carol Cummings

(Standard Forms)

Kelly Liberatore


Cindy Plemer

(Building Committee)

Jenai Hart

(Personnel Committee)

Sean Ahearn, Clifton Kukino & Hannah Sirois

(HIS Directors)

Roberta Charles & Paul Roy

(HAR Directors)

Kristie Rutherford Co-Chair (PR/Communications)

Sam Matola Co-Chair (YPN)

Yen Upson Chair (Short Term Vacation Rentals)

Emma Ladendecker Chair (Grievance)

Brady Beyers Chair (Professional Standards & Arbitration)

Preston Brede Chair (Education/Professional Development)

Teresa Daher Chair (Property Management Committee)

Heidi Schemp Chair (Government Affairs)

Katherine Apao Co-Chair (PR/Communications)

Louis LaFratta (Executive Committee)

Trinette Kaui (Finance Committee)

Milo Spindt (Nominating Committee)

Palo Luckett (Personnel)

Donna Rice (RPAC Trustees)

Carol Cummings (Standard Forms)

Kelly Liberatore (KGECA)